Friday, July 10, 2009


Just returned from a little impromptu fishing trip to Maine yesterday and I can now officially call myself a fisherman! I went to visit my friend Mac who lives in Casco, Maine and we set out on a canoe to a new spot on the lake that he found where he had a lot of success earlier in the week. Within my first 5 casts I felt a bite, set the hook and reeled in a pickerel. I was very happy to have caught my first fish, but I really wanted to catch my first bass. Another 5 casts and there it was! As you can see it wasn't a huge one, but a bass nonetheless. I ended up catching one more bass before we headed back to shore and Mac pulled in about 7 bass altogether, including one that was pretty big, about 3 pounds. It was a great day with beautiful weather, a good friend and my first fish!

Also, my plan to take a road trip is starting to materialize and Mac said he thinks he can join me. We only have two definite stops as of now, New York City and Chicago. If anyone has suggestions for places to go, I would love to hear them.

Tomorrow, I am heading to Gilette Stadium to watch the Gold Cup soccer match between the U.S. and Haiti. I have never been to a professional soccer game before so I am really excited and the fact that I am going with a bunch of high school friends of mine makes it even better.

I am off to start working on my first law school assignment that I received in the mail yesterday, I can't believe I am going to be starting so soon. I am very nervous about starting but a good kind of nervous, let's call it nervous excitement. I will be sure to take some pictures at the game tomorrow and share them on here when I get the chance.

Until next time...

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