Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Biggest Fear

Many of you who are close to me know that my biggest fear, without a doubt, is the ocean. I'm not going to lie, I just laughed after typing such a ridiculous sentence. But it is true, sadly. This seems like a really random thing to talk about but I just saw this commercial on TV and it sparked this train of thought.

Seriously, just watching that video makes my heart start beating faster. I have always been scared of the ocean, and through the years I have come up with a few theories for why it is that I am so scared of it. Here is my attempt to rationalize this fear:

Reason #1: The sheer enormity of the ocean. It always blows my mind when I think about how much land there is on earth. A 3 day road trip might cover half of our country. I can't even imagine how much land there is, and guess what? There is 3 times more water than land on Earth. The oceans are HUGE! Just the thought of floating in the middle of something that huge creeps me out.

Reason #2: Not being able to see what is around you. And just think, everything around you is actually underneath you, making you pretty vulnerable. The size of the things swimming around in the ocean are huge and you can't even see them coming!

Reason #3: In the ocean, every human is just completely out of their element. The analogy that I always give to friends who try to ease my fears about the ocean is this. A person floating in the middle of the ocean is just like a fish laying in the middle of a huge desert. Anything in that desert that was in it's element that wanted to eat the fish would do so easily. Same goes for the person in the middle of the water. All it takes is for something that lives in the ocean to want to eat you and then, see ya.

I find myself always defending and trying to rationalize this fear to my friends. It makes for some pretty funny conversations even though I couldn't be more serious. Anyways, very random thought but just wanted to get it up here. Everyone has at least one fear like this, post a comment and say what your biggest fear'll spark some good conversation.

Also, my friends who are running the New York City Half-Marathon appreciate all the donations that they have been getting. They are now up to $3,793!

Until next time...

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  1. This rationalization actually makes a lot of sense! It makes me a little afraid of the ocean. haha. My fear is totally irrational, but I'm absolutely terrified of clowns. :(