Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Queen of the Week

This week's queen of the week is none other beautiful little sister, Shayla. The picture to the right was taken from ( and is one of two pictures of Shayla that the company is using in a new advertising campaign. Another of Shayla's pictures is on display on a billboard in Inman Square in Somerville, Mass.
Shayla, who is 4 and a half years old, has always been a fan of the camera. Ever since she was little, she loved to have her picture taken and totally loves the attention. I remember when she was littler and I would aim a camera at her, even the camera on my phone and she would stop whatever it was she was doing and pose for a picture with her big, wide smile. She definitely knows that she is cute and hams it up whenever an opportune moment to be photographed strikes. My other little sister Safiya (pictured to the left), who just turned 2 this past March, was supposed to be in the picture with Shayla but didn't find the camera to be as intriguing as her older sister found it to be.

It has been very funny and interesting to watch Shayla and Safiya's relationship as sisters to grow into what it is today. When the news came that she would soon have a little sister, Shayla was very delighted and would always ask in excited anticipation when her new sister was coming. Shayla has been very good about sharing the spotlight, which she loved to have all to herself, and the two of them are inseperable. It is so funny how Safiya will do everything Shayla does no matter what. If Shayla takes of running, Safiya takes off behind her and although she is much slower, still runs as fast as she can, laughing the entire way to reach her sister.

Now that I am living back in Mass., I have gotten to go over to my Dad's house and see them much more often, which has been great. Shayla is getting to the age now where I can take her out to the movies and get to spend some quality time with her. Whenever I am around her, I cannot help but smile because she is just so cute and has brought a light into my life and continues to bring a great amount of joy to my life every day. I can't wait for the day when I can take both her and Safiya out for a day of fun, just the three of us. It warms my heart to know how much Shayla asks about me and how happy she is to see me every time we get to see each other. When I visited them on Father's Day, Shayla and Safiya ran over to the front door when they could sense that I was about to leave and sat in front of the door, refusing to let me go.

So this week's Queen of the Week is my sister, Shayla and I know in her 'thank you' speech she would mention her little sister, Safiya, as the "honorary Queen of the Week." I have gotten a view nominations for this weekly feature and I appreciate them very much, I already have the King/Queen of the week lined up for next week and it is a great one, for sure! Another quick 'thank you' for all of the positive feedback I have been receiving. It is always great to find out that one of my posts really hit home for somebody and that they appreciated it. Keep reading and tell your friends!
And, I'm sorry Red Sox Nation but I have to post this video, before I end this post. I stopped watching the game last night after the Sox were up 4-0 and looked like they had the game in complete control. I was sadly, sadly mistaken. The only reason I am posting this is because today the Sox had a comeback win of their own of the Orioles, beating them 6-5 in 11 innings. Helps to ease the pain, just a little.

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