Saturday, June 20, 2009

King of the Week

Goodmorning, everyone! Rain has been in the forecast for about the past week, but the first thing I saw this morning when I came downstairs to get a cup of coffee was the sun shining brightly into our family room, let's hope it stays out and we get a summer day for once!

Today is one of those days that you go to bed the night before already excited to wake up the next morning. You've all had those, or at least I hope you have. Later this afternoon I am going to a graduation party for one of my good friends from Colby. There are going to be lots of people there, many of whom I have become very close with over the past four years and this will be the first time I have seen them since graduation. Really, it will be the first time I've seen them since Senior Week since graduation was such a whirlwind I'm sure for everybody. Her friends from her hometown will also be there and I look forward to meeting them and having a great time tonight, which I know will be the case. I will post pictures of the party (PG ones, of course...maybe PG-13 if they are funny enough) sometime next week when I get a hold of them.

Today on my blog, I want to introduce a weekly feature that I will be putting in my blog from now on called "King of the Week" or "Queen of the Week." This person will be someone who I feel deserves to be featured for any reason. This person could be someone I know personally or somebody that I do not know personally. Feel free to contact me throughout the week with nominations for people who you think should be considered for my weekly feature, this could be a fun way to meet and learn about all kinds of interesting people, so please contribute!

This week's King of the Week is a friend of mine who I met many summers ago (can't even remember how old we were but I want to say around 8th grade). Greg Perry, also known as Rumorz, has been recording his music for years and his set of musical and lyrical skills are truly remarkable. Rumorz released his first album entitled: The Whisper Campaign in 2006 and has just recently released his second mainstream album called: Crocodile Tears.

Rumorz is a Boston born and raised rapper and his lyrics are truly astonishing. The way he incorporates metaphors, important political messages, and funny jabs in his lyrics is revolutionary and his sound stays true to the core elements of hip-hop music. I can talk about Rumorz all I want, but what you really need to do is check out his music for yourself. You can listen to his new album Crocodile Tears on his blog page: You can also check out his Myspace page to learn more about Rumorz and the type of music that influences his work at: His first album, The Whisper Campaign is available in it's entirety on iTunes, just search for Rumorz. The album is $9.99 and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. The album features club tracks like "If You Wanna Ride" and "Bouncin'." He also displays his amazing skill on the track "Game Set Match" and ends the album with my personal favorite, "My Thoughts" which infuses his soul with a catchy beat and incredible lyrics.

Congratulations to the first King of the Week, Rumorz! Seriously, do yourself a favor and check him out. One more bit of homework: if any of you know someone who has a special talent or you feel should be considered for this weekly feature contact me and fill me in, I would love to hear!

From my favorite Rumorz track, "My Thoughts":

"Listen when I serve this: how you gonna tell me, that I
dont deserve this? That
I didn't earn this? My flow's not burnin or chillin'
in a furnace? Sh*t's
not smokin' like freshly popped burnas? I'm just bein'
honest, high off the
ganja, all I got's my honor, Rumorz in the drama,
Rumorz is a monsta,
similar to Loch Ness, I got this, locked, and you
couldn't have it locked less."
Rumorz, The Whisper Campaign.
Until next time...

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