Monday, August 17, 2009

It's All About the Benjamins!

Ah, what a beautiful Monday morning. Looks like the sun is going to be shining all day, and really how could I not be so positive after this past Saturday night??

For the first time, I went to Foxwoods Casino to try my luck on the blackjack table. A friend of mine from Colby and two of her friends from home made the trip down to Connecticut. We headed out around 11am and by the time we got back about 12 hours later, all of our moods were pretty high!

Since it was my first time really gambling at a casino I was nervous when we first got there. My limit for the day was the $100 that I got from the ATM that morning and once that was gone, I was just there to enjoy the scenery and flashing lights. I wanted to get a better hold of the smart way to play Blackjack so I watched while 2 of my friends played some hands. The minimum bet at the table (the lowest minimum at any table) was $10/hand, so with 10% of my chips on the line every hand I wanted to be sure that I knew what I was doing and didn't just blow my $100 away.

After about half an hour, I sat down at the table, placed five, twenty dollar bills on the table and felt my heart sink as the dealer swept them up and slid me 20 red chips ($5 each). Right away I started winning some hands, we all joked about beginner's luck, and everyone was having a great time. Slowly but surely, my stack of chips rose higher and higher until I had to split them into two stacks. Then the dealer asked if I could change some of my red ($5) chips in, in exchange for some green ($25) chips because the dealer was running low on red chips. I slid my stack of chips toward him and was thrilled when I got back 4 green chips and then still had a big stack of reds left over. Since it's bad luck to count your chips while you're playing, I held myself back but it was all I was thinking about. I had my original $100 in green chips and I had at least another hundred worth of red chips!

When we took a break to go get some dinner I had 2 black ($100) chips in my pocket, I was up $100! To make things better, I learned that there was a Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods, which is one of my favorite places to eat! To make a long story short, when I went to cash in my chips at the end of the night, the woman handed me 4 crisp $100 bills! Profit for the day = $300!!

It was such a fun day, even if I had lost my $100, but winning $300 and still getting to go was even better. Everyone that sat down to play out our table was really nice, we met some really cool people, the dealers were hilarious and we loved getting to talk to each other. My conclusion from all of this, besides the fact that I love blackjack, is that I can definitely see how some people could fall into the dangerous trap of gambling for profit rather than just putting a few dollars on the table, keeping their bets low, and trying to just have fun with friends. There are no clocks in the whole building and if I didn't have my watch, I wouldn't have been able to tell what time of day it was. Add free drinks circling around every 15-20 mins and you have the casino's perfect recipe for making money. But not this time! The picture above is an actual picture of all of the money that the 4 of us took home that night. Unreal.

All in all, another great experience! Makes me really wonder how crazy Vegas is... I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day.

Until next time...

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