Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 1 and Day 2

Life of Lemmons is back but with a twist...I just started this thing called P90x's a 90 day at-home workout program that I have wanted to try for a few weeks now after hearing such great things about it from friends and family who have tried it.

So yesterday was Day 1 which was the Chest and Back workout. Right away I realized that this program was going to be really tough...the whole workout consists of various forms of push-ups and pull-ups. I've always been pretty good at push-ups but have always found pull-ups wicked hard. I definitely didn't put up the numbers of push-ups and pull-ups that the people in on the DVD were cranking out but I just did as many as I could...this is Round 1 after all!

Today, Day 2, was the Plyometrics workout. This workout was crazy but really helped my confidence at the same time. It was a ton of different squats and dynamic movements that really keep your heart rate up and your legs on fire. I just finished about 15 minutes ago and already know that I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow...really looking forward to that...

Nutrition is also an important part of the 90-day program so the fridge and pantry was cleansed this weekend and replenished with healthier stuff......speaking of food, I am starving and dinner is almost ready (swordfish steaks, spinach and rice...yup.) so until tomorrow...

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